Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones, as the key messengers in the body, can be the cause and the indicator for many health issues, indicating conditions and triggering symptoms across all aspects of the body.

Your Naturopath can test and indicate the cause and appropriate treatment for your Hormone issue. Balancing the Hormones via natural therapy means the body’s systems can be put back on track in the right way.

Are you struggling with Hormone Imbalance?

You could suffer for years from debilitating symptoms that may not be fixed via pharmaceuticals. Many Hormone Imbalances can lead to debilitating symptoms such as Acne and you may be prescribed antibiotics that could potentially kill ALL the good and bad bacteria in your body to rid your skin of the bacteria which the doctor may consider the cause of your Acne.

A Naturopath will look at your entire system and test your Hormones to find out if your Acne can be treated by balancing the Hormone system in a natural way. Hormones are secreted from the pineal and pituitary gland, your thyroid, and hypothalamus. These chemical messengers can be balanced via German Biological Medicines, Herbal Treatments, supplements and a change in diet and lifestyle.

Working towards balance

If you’re suffering from a particular condition, you may be suffering from a certain Hormonal dominance. Therefore there may be a need to balance out and reduce the Hormonal dominance and this may potentially reduce your symptoms. Many chemicals we use on our body can be Hormone disrupting. Your Naturopath may invite you to reduce the amount of these chemicals or even switch to totally natural alternatives.

Book an appointment with your Naturopath for a saliva test of your Hormones to establish the root cause of your problems. Hormonal imbalance is a broad category and your physical concerns are always individual – your Naturopath will build a nutritional solution, or offer a Herbal Treatment to re-balance your system in a way that works for you.

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