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Between the unattainable body images promoted by advertising and the scores of studies released each year reporting on the adverse health effects of specific food, we have become fearful of our plate.

Food makes us fat; food makes us sick; these are the messages that tend to be shouted at us by newscasters on the television screen or from articles on the internet. It’s no wonder that we have forgotten how to enjoy eating.

We can take our joy back, however. Here are a few easy changes you can make to your diet and your life that will let food fill you with joy and not fear.

Abandon processed food

Many of us are time poor which makes the temptation to grab a prepackaged meal or fast food nearly justifiable. In the short term we are getting the calories we need to keep moving, but doing this can fill us with unhelpful, stress causing guilt that does nothing more than make us feel bad about ourselves and our food. If you only have time on weekends, maybe set aside a few hours to pre-prepare healthy meals that will be waiting for you at home on your busiest days during the week.

Visit an organic farm

Nothing helps us connect with our food better than seeing where it comes from. If there is an organic farm in your area that allows visits from the public to take a trip to see it. Have a chat with the farmer about their growing methods, pick your own food if it is allowed. All of this will fill you with the confidence of knowing where your food comes from and that it is healthy and grown in a manner that is safe your you and your family.

Find a community of like-minded people

This certainly doesn’t mean abandoning the friends you have, but sometimes not everyone shares our concerns or interest in food, and that’s okay. Learning how to enjoy eating involves seeking out folks that are on the same journey as you are on. Whether it’s an online recipe swapping community or a group of people in your neighbourhood trying to live an organic lifestyle their experiences will add to your own and make your next meal something to look forward to.

If you want to learn about more ways to keep yourself healthy naturally give us a call here at The Tonic Tree or feel free to send us a question throughout the contact us page.

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