Metabolic Conditions

If you’re eating and eating and you’re still hungry, you may be suffering from a form of Metabolic Conditioning. Conversely, if you’re eating minimal amounts but can’t seem to lose weight you may also be suffering from Metabolic problems. Book an appointment with The Tonic Tree for a consultation with a Naturopath to establish what problems with your Metabolism are holding you back and how you can adjust your lifestyle to adjust your Metabolic Rate.

When to ask your Naturopath about Metabolic Conditioning

If your car kept constantly running out of petrol after you’d filled it up, you’d take it straight to the mechanic to find out why. If you find yourself constantly hungry or always full you need to address the situation and improve your Metabolic functioning in the same way. Your Naturopath will assess your exercise, your diet and what kind of work you do. From here they will establish if you have a Metabolic disorder and if this points to a larger problem in the body. Often Metabolic disorders can be markers for wider problems.

A sedentary lifestyle can affect the way in which you metabolise food also. In days past we were much more active than we are now, and so the lack of energy output can affect the way in which our body processes energy. Often we see this manifest as feelings of fatigue or increased weight.

Understanding metabolic disease and imbalance

Stress management techniques and meditation are a great way to manage the flow of energy through the body systems. Your Naturopath can offer functional testing of your hormonal system to make sure the blood levels of these essential chemical messengers are in correct balance. This can often be a contributing factor to metabolic balance.

Book a consultation with The Tonic Tree for a holistic observation of your lifestyle and functional testing of your Hormones and Blood to make sure your Metabolism is working in the correct way so you can extend maximum vitality and energy throughout your life. Then your Advanced Scientific Naturopath can work out your individualised plan to reset your Metabolism back into balance.

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If you feel your condition has been ignored or overlooked it may be beneficial for you to book in a Naturopathic consultation to assess all areas of your lifestyle and habits.Your health is our priority. Contact us today at 03 9796 2745

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