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An approach that sets The Tonic Tree Naturopathic team apart from the rest.

Advanced Scientific Naturopathy

Advanced Scientific Naturopathy integrates state-of-the-art Scientific technology with the wisdom of traditional medicine. Weaving together the best of scientific research, evidence based medicine and Naturopathic treatments. Advanced Scientific Naturopaths are degree qualified leaders and experts in their field. At The Tonic Tree, we utilise Dark Field Microscopy to assist us to our clinical evaluation, this enables us to optimise and personalise your treatment plan.

Many of our patients have come to us after struggling for absolution in mainstream medicinal fields for decades. Were proud to help them return to optimal health. Our services provide answer that can be educational, motivational and inspirational. As an Advanced Scientific Naturopath, we use integrated treatment modalities that also utilise state-of-the-art functional pathology tests and equipment that is underpinned by evidence based research.

What To Expect

In an initial 75 minute consultation at our Naturopath clinic, you will experience a very comprehensive case-taking, with clinical observations used to establish the root health concerns you are struggling with. Some of these clinical observations undertaken may include blood pressure readings, nail analysis, tongue analysis and Dark Field Microscopy.

Once all relevant information is attained, we can customise an individual and effective treatment plan that is written, and explained to you, to ensure you are part of your healing journey at all times. The Natural and Biological Medicines that may be prescribed will support and stimulate the healing power of nature, in the least invasive and most effective way. As an Advanced Scientific Naturopath, we will educate, inspire and motivate you to take responsibility for your health by encouraging you to adopt a healthy attitude, lifestyle and diet. We appreciate the frustration that comes with misdiagnosis and being misunderstood, and as such we aim to treat the underlying causes of your concern, not just the symptoms.


Naturopathy is a holistic health care modality that respects, recognises and values the healing power of nature. At The Tonic Tree Naturopath Clinic, our Natural Health Expert understands that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself, if it is given the tools, time and opportunity to do so.

Our experienced Naturopathy service aims to prevent, assess, monitor and treat conditions of the human mind and body. Through removing blockages and encouraging vitality with natural medicines and therapies, such as Herbal Tonic health, nutritional supplements, mineral therapy, flower essences, and dietary and lifestyle advice, we bring you back to optimal health.

Naturopathy therapy integrates the latest health sciences with the wisdom of the ages to understand the nature of disease and the role a practitioner plays in relieving it. As a holistic approach to health, a Naturopath aims to treat the whole person, considering their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being, as well as the impact their environment is having on them. If you feel as though traditional surgery or medicine has failed to improve your health, find the Naturopath at The Tonic Tree to assist you on your journey to health and healing.

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If you feel your condition has been ignored or overlooked it may be beneficial for you to book in a Naturopathic consultation to assess all areas of your lifestyle and habits.Your health is our priority. Contact us today at 03 9796 2745

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