Your body changes as you age and so do your body’s needs. Something as simple as fibre intake can alter greatly as you get older, creating seemingly simple digestive issues which could be the result of an unidentified chronic immune condition, requiring food allergy testing to properly treat the discomfort.

These bodily changes are as natural as breathing, and different stages of life require different treatments, even foods. For example, a child’s bones are much more “rubbery” as they have not yet set, while an adult will have harder, more brittle bones, and adult bones will take longer to heal if damaged. A child needs calcium for growth, while an adult needs calcium for maintenance.

Simply put, children and teenagers require larger amounts of calcium for their growing bodies. Adults require less calcium, and men need even less than women. Women particularly are at higher risk of osteoporosis, which is a serious women’s health issue in Australia’s ageing population.

Along with these increasingly fragile bones as we age comes the increased likelihood of arthritis and associated joint pain. There is a multitude of natural remedies from Earth’s pharmacopoeia, from capsaicin creams to ease pain to adding turmeric to your food for its anti-inflammatory properties.

That is simply one aspect of the human body’s changing needs as it grows and ages. There are countless more differences and many, many factors that go into growing a healthy body and maintaining that health in old age, too many to list in a simple blog post. What you need is a professional who can walk you through your specific circumstances and provide you with the expert advice that your changing body needs.

If you have any questions about your body’s changing needs or the needs of your family, we are the naturopath Berwick locals trust.

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