Sleep Issues and Low Energy

Moving through life with low energy is more than a frustration, it can be the gateway to further health troubles. Find energy and vitality today.

Many of us suffer from a lack of energy in day to day life. These sleepy days come and go, but if you’re experiencing continued disturbance in your energy levels, it may be time to consult your Naturopath to establish the reason for your lack of energy. As well as this, if you’ve been troubled by lack of sleep, your Naturopath will be able to test and establish the root cause of your issue.

Constantly hitting the snooze button?

If you’re feeling fatigued on a daily basis to the point that you can no longer function or maintain and happy lifestyle, it would be foolish to continue doing the same thing you’re doing. Why battle through work everyday with minimal energy and maximum struggle? This kind of condition can cause other problems such as Weight Gain and Depression. You must consciously investigate the reason for this low energy to establish a fix.


Energy links very closely to sleep; the two issues go hand in hand. Maintaining healthy sleep hygiene is integral to maintaining healthy energy levels throughout the day. If you’re experiencing levels of high energy and low energy it may be time to cut out stimulants such as caffeine, or avoid processed or sugary foods. You may need to re-adjust your circadian rhythm through improved sleep habits such as turning off technology after 9pm, or maintaining a set wake up time, everyday to readjust your body. Alternatively, you may be lacking essential vitamins and minerals for energy production or your adrenals might need nourishment.

Natural sleep therapy solutions

Your Naturopath will consult by assessing your current lifestyle choices and help develop a plan to improve energy and health levels through diet, supplements and elimination of allergic foods. As well as this, they will take a holistic approach toward your sleep habits and establish new sleep habits and tailor a plan to make this happen. If you’ve been troubled by low energy, lack of sleep or disturbance in sleep, book a consultation with The Tonic Tree.

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