Weight Loss

Naturopathy provides a healthy, natural solution to the problems of Weight Loss. Many mainstream Weight Loss Therapy techniques, fads, diets and methods are unhealthy and set people up for failure. Naturopathy provides a realistic healthy framework in which you can lose weight in a balanced way without damaging your body or suffering through yo-yo dieting.

Naturopathy for Weight Loss

What’s the point in going on a diet for a set amount of time only to put weight back on later? Diet should be habit, and healthy natural eating should be a daily reflex, rather than a strict, extreme regime that is performed for a set amount of time. Most weight loss programs fail because they are unrealistic.

Your Naturopath can offer a natural approach for permanent Weight Loss which will see you losing weight over a longer period, but with long term results. Your Naturopath will assist you with checking your essential systems are operating optimally throughout your slow habit change, including treating any unresolved Digestive ConditionsMetabolic Conditions or Hormonal Imbalances. These are the most important factors, with Healthy Natural Supplements also available to gradually implement habit change.

Your tailored Naturopathic Weight Loss program

If you were to lose three kilograms in one week via calorie starving, your body would be thrown into shock without the time to adjust. As well as this, you put yourself at risk of bingeing later on. Creating a program that encompasses exercise, diet change and mental habit change is the only way to effectively combat weight problems. Nutrition is also another important point and your Naturopath can offer diet suggestions that benefit your lifestyle and make sure you’re receiving the correct levels of essential minerals and vitamins.


Consult with The Tonic Tree today to speak with a Naturopath to work out a tailored, long-term weight loss plan that will transform your habits, life and health. Remember, there is no such thing as a diet. Your diet is your habits.

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