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Women’s health issues can be complex and often lack significant effective treatment through the mainstream health system. Find the care you deserve at The Tonic Tree.

Common women’s health conditions include Period Pain, Endometriosis, Pregnancy Issues, Reproductive Issues and Infertility, problems reaching Climax and other conditions such as Digestion, Mood and Muscle Pain. Naturopathy can be a beneficial mode of treatment for these debilitating conditions which often seem to have no obvious cause.

The care you deserve

Many women feel their problems or symptoms are overlooked via the normal health system which can lack the holistic approach which views the body as a connective sphere and supporting appropriate pathways, organs and systems. A Naturopath can test and assess your physical health from a holistic perspective and offer realistic treatment opportunities.

For example, if you’re suffering from Low Libido your Naturopath might assess your Digestion, Hormone Balance and Sleep Patterns to treat you from the perspective of treatment via your core systems. Why are you not sleeping well? Are the issues connected? By providing your body with a complete assessment you might find Naturopathy and alternative treatments mean that you experience wellness and vitality throughout all aspects of your life, as well as solving potentially painful ongoing symptoms.


Natural women’s health solutions

A Naturopath will take into consideration your Female Hormonal System, Reproductive System as well as offering a realistic empathic ear and provide strong advice for lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments.

Book an appointment with The Tonic Tree if you’re suffering from a women’s health issue. We are here to examine all aspects of your lifestyle to assist in conditions such as Infertility, Skin Problems, Climax Issues, Fatigue, Sleep Issues and to aid recovery from conditions such as Endometriosis. If you’ve been neglecting your health for a while, allow Naturopathy to start to improve your lifestyle.

Book A Consultation With The Tonic Tree

If you feel your condition has been ignored or overlooked it may be beneficial for you to book in a Naturopathic consultation to assess all areas of your lifestyle and habits.Your health is our priority. Contact us today at 03 9796 2745

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